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Rigid cases on wheel for surfboards and equipment

4 reasons to choose SurfPack
Your equipment.
Unlike soft cases, SurfPack provides the highest level of protection for equipment during transportation.

In carrying the case.
Additional handles and rubber wheels allow you to move the case without putting unnecessary stress on your arms and back. Also, the cover can be fixed onto the roof of a car.
Luggage space.
In addition to boards, you can put personal belongings in the cover, and thereby, travel with only 1 piece of luggage.
Many airlines are loyal to the transportation of surfing equipment, you can often count on the case to fly free or at a reduced price. For the rest - there is an inscription GOLF;)
You create your own!
The Surfpack design is a great base for a collection of stickers and decals.
Make the case unique or leave it in classic minimalistic style - it's up to you!
About us
My name is Alexey Pak. I have been fond of water sports for many years. Like you, my friends and I have to travel to a lot of different parts of the world. Our favorite and often bulky equipment is always with us. Faced with the problem of surfboard protection during flights, I decided to deal with it once and for all.

SurfPack is a team of friends, surfers and engineers. Our goal and priority are the safety of boards and the comfort of our clients during travel.

In selecting the appropriate shapes and materials used for our product, we worked thoroughly to ensure that it would preserve the strength properties of the product at the optimum weight.

Over the course of SurfPack's 5-year existence with hundreds of trips taken with our surf cases, not a single board has been damaged.

So, ride, travel, have fun! We have already taken care of the safety of your boards.

Alexey Pak
Founder of the SURFPACK
Surfer, kitesurfer, windsurfer and engineer
Phone/WhatsApp: +7-918-663-42-43
We all know how fragile our surfs, kitesurfboards and wakesurfs are. Anyone who has ever prepared for a trip with a surfboard or kitesurfing board has wondered whether their board will be remain intact and safe during transportation and check-in.
Every shaper knows that nine out of ten times, damage to surfboards occurs on the ground during transportation. It's scary to imagine how airport loaders treat our beloved boards. And when it comes to a week-long vacation, where every day of skiing or surfing is expensive and important, possible breakdowns of the surf can ruin the whole trip, because repairs can take several days, and in some spots, there aren't any repair services at all. If you don't properly protect your surfboard and kitesurfboard along the way, you risk missing out on some great waves, and wind up spending your time looking for shapers or boardshops to repair your board. One way or another, one thing is clear - board breakage, especially not during riding, is always a frustration, loss of time, and sometimes can cost you your board altogether.
Different kinds of soft covers, or golf bags and socks are only partially capable of saving the situation, protecting the board from scratches and minor collisions at best. There can be no talk of any protection against significant loads, kinks, impacts and collisions with sharp objects. No golf bag will save the surfboards from damage to the bow and stern.

Faced with the problem of protecting the boards when traveling and finding no decent options, our team decided to produce a hard cover for the surfboard.

The SurfPack is a reliable and stylish hard case to protect your surfboards, kitesurfboards and travel equipment.

Our case combines phenomenal board protection, weight similar to soft cases, excellent design, ease of transport and optimal volume use. It is sufficient to transport up to 3 surfboards, a wetsuit, other related equipment, and personal belongings. In other words - SurfPack allows you to travel with 1 piece of baggage. Considering that many airlines are loyal to the transportation of surf equipment, you can often count on a case with your board and other things to fly for free or at a reduced price.

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We will contact you and specify the size and color of the case that you have chosen, and then arrange the time and type of delivery.
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We will send the goods to you within 2 working days. Delivery is carried out by EMS. Estimatede time of delivery 7- 14 days.
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Надежный и стильный жесткий кейс для защиты Ваших сёрфбордов, сноубордов, вэйксёрфбордов, кайтбордов и снаряжения в путешествиях.
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